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The Association was formed in 1991 initially as an association focused solely on the promotion of Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Concrete. Today the Association, after a name change and a total redraft of the by-laws and mission has emerged as an association to service all of the fiber types commercially available in the world market. The Association’s efforts will be focused on furthering the development of knowledge of Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) as defined by ACI 544 as well as expanding the market for FRC.

The membership of the Association represents the major manufacturers and marketers of the most popular fiber reinforcement products specified in the world market today. Each of the member companies is committed to developing and sharing the most current and accurate information on FRC through the Association.

To enhance the value of the Association to the member companies and the concrete industry FRCA has engaged the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Department at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee as our academic and administrative partner.

CIM and MTSU will perform a number of functions as a partner with the Association including the development of a repository for technical papers relating to FRC. To further the dissemination of this information and the results of current research worldwide the University and the Association plan to sponsor seminars biannually on MTSU’s campus. Furthermore, the Civil Engineering Department will contribute to this knowledge base by conducting research sponsored by the Association.

This new approach to highlighting FRC is a large step forward for the Association and represents a commitment to further the development of all FRC options and to promote these options as a positive alternative to the old generation empirical approach to secondary/temperature-shrinkage reinforcement of concrete and shotcrete.




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